conduct.js allows JavaScript to respond to media queries by executing callbacks as breakpoints are matched and unmatched. It is inspired by enquire.js and arose from the need to gain additional control over the order of execution of breakpoint callbacks. For more information see the conduct.js repository on GitHub

Basic usage

Basic usage is as follows:

Important note: The order that these callbacks appear in the array is important. When resizing up, the callbacks will be unmatched and matched in an ascending order. When resizing down, the callbacks will be unmatched and matched in a descending order.

The logic behind this is that you tend to want to unmatch a "desktop" breakpoint before matching a "mobile" breakpoint. This is the main difference with enquire.js which uses the addEventListener method of matchMedia to fire the callbacks. In contrast, conduct.js uses a single window resize event and tests the media queries manually. This allows us to run through the callbacks in the order that we desire.